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About us
De Wilebois Consulting has been around for more than 20 years and is active in the field of software development and the provision of related services. Over the years, a variety of standard software has been developed and customized software has been developed for various customers. Our Software Development service provides you with a complete solution that will transform your business requirements into working software products and systems.
Why us?
Boost Your Savings
Get in touch with us and we’ll offer you a solution that will not just save you money and improve your processes but actually help you fulfil your business goals.

From MVP to Full Custom Solution
Instead of developing a solution which can solve all business problems at once, we start with Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This approach helps to eliminate risks and bring a working product in a short period.

Reduce Costs
Our principle: you only pay for what you need. We reduce your costs (by up to 70%!) by optimising performance and resources.

Receive Guidance
We offer constant guidance and insights, sharing our knowledge so that you can make the right decision every time.

Long-Term Relationships
We strive to satisfy clients with a quality product, excellent service, and pleasant communication. We believe that mutual respect and trust are the basis for effective cooperation.


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De Wilebois Consulting provides software development services as well as business consultancy services.
Software services
In addition to providing software development, de Wilebois Consulting also provides related services to our customers both for our own software, and software written by others.

Business consultancy services
De Wilebois Consulting provides business consultancy covering many aspects of the use of technology in business. These include (but are not limited to):
- Business process analysis
- Existing systems and software analysis
- Requirements analysis / new software specification

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Bespoke Software Development
Bespoke software is a custom, tailor-made solution that meets the specific needs of a client.
Each organisation is different in shape and size and all have processes that are necessary for a system to operate. Bespoke software is purposefully designed to fit exactly to the requirements of an organisation, much more closely and effectively than an off-the-shelf software solution.
A new, bespoke software system should look to be a vast improvement on your old legacy system. It should also function with automation running in every process possible within the system. Finally, the bespoke system should be fully fit-for-purpose with your company processes.
Is Bespoke Software necessary for my business?

Depending on your business needs, bespoke software is heavily focussed on the processes of the organisation. Each process in the business should be evaluated to determine if it can improve efficiency through software.
When considering bespoke software some of the determinants could be the cost of development, from internal costs through to the costs of the creation and adoption of the new software.
Maintenance and new updates are also important factors to consider with internal changes within an organisation as well as external changes such as technology and customer needs.

Bespoke Software vs Off-The-Shelf Software

The cost of bespoke software is much less than you may think compared to the off-the-shelf alternative solutions.
Despite off-the-shelf being initially cheaper, it will never be able to customise to your exact needs. It will potentially cost more to customise an off-the-shelf system and doing so will never truly deliver the focus bespoke software development offers.
A bespoke software solution will be much easier to maintain and keep in step with any changes to current or new business processes. Organisations end up paying more money in maintenance costs for an off-the-shelf package as it moves further away from your initial specification.

How we can help...

We at de Willebois Consulting have worked on many bespoke software development projects over the past 20 years. Software is always changing. If you are wishing to future-proof your business in the area of software, going bespoke will give you precisely what you need for the future.
If you would like to discuss more on how we can help your business, please get in touch through email at info@willebois.nl or by calling us on +31 85 2100204.